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Key to any flawless sunless tan? Exfoliation!

Our Buff Me Exfoliating Mitt gives you a thorough exfoliation without the messy scrubs that can leave your skin greasy and heavy.

During the end of your shower, lightly wet your mitt and turn off the shower while you buff away dead skin cells in preparation for your sunless tan. Adjust the pressure based on your comfort level and use a circular motion. 

MADE OF: 80% Viscose, 20% polyester

Tips & Tricks:

- Bathe/or shower for at least 5 minutes prior to use, it allows your skin to soften and the pores to open

- Concentrate exfoliation on areas where sunless tan builds up like elbows, knees, arm pits and inner thighs. Moisturize those areas after with Hydrate Me after shower

- Not just for pre-tanning. Our Exfoliating mitt is great if you want to freshen up dry or tired skin

- This mitt is also great for preventing in-grown hairs.


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